Year 2, Day 24: Foo Fighters Friday

Year 2, Album 24: Foo Fighters – There is Nothing Left to Lose


  1. Stacked Actors
  2. Breakout
  3. Learn to Fly
  4. Gimme Stitches
  5. Generator
  6. Aurora
  7. Live-in Skin
  8. Next Year
  9. Headwires
  10. Ain’t it the Life
  11. M.I.A.

About the Album

There is Nothing Left to Lose is the third studio album from the Foo Fighters. Released on November 2 1999, the album marks the first appearance of drummer Taylor Hawkins. The album won the 2001 Grammy Award for Best Rock Album. The album peaked at number 10 on the United States Billboard 200, and is certified platinum in the United States.

Thoughts on the Album

I love the Foo Fighters. They are one of the most consistent bands out there today and you know what to expect. Today’s “Foo Fighters Friday,” is their 1999 album, There is Nothing Left to Lose. The album is a good one, so let us get started.

The album contains the two breakout (pun totally intended) singles: Breakout and Learn to Fly. The album is a mix of radio-friendly rockers and mellow anthems. The beauty that lies hidden inside the songs of There is Nothing Left to Lose is that one can truly hear the Foo’s signature sound: a mix of punk rock and hard rock. And the album definitely does not succumb to the music trends of the decade. It’s music that was written for music’s sake not to match or meet any specific trend.

Tracks like Aurora and Next Year are electric ballads. Aurora is a lightly distorted number that, personally most die-hard Foo Fighters fans would argue rivals Everlong. Both are excellent slower tempo songs. Tracks like Live-in Skin and Hardwires, are mid-tempo to fast tempo tracks that bring back the in-your-face style of music that Foo Fighters fans are accustomed to hearing.

The instrumentation and production on the album are almost impeccable. Dave Grohl’s voice is just as good as it ever was. Not only is Grohl’s vocals nearly flawless, but so is his songwriting. Dave Grohl’s song writing takes front and center stage on this album for the entire world to see.

The two main singles, Breakout and Learn to Fly are tracks that define 1990’s music, despite being written and released at the end of the decade. When you hear them, you will instantly recognize them. Learn to Fly is the track/song that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE knows. Especially, if they have seen the music video for it. I consider Learn to Fly one of the band’s best songs.


How do you follow up an album like The Colour and The Shape? With almost as wildly successful third album like, There is Nothing Left to Lose. The album definitely marks a change in approach to music when compared to it’s predecessor. This is definitely one fine album, and (in my opinion) one of the Foo Fighters’ best albums. It is worth owning a copy of this album.


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