Year 2, Day 22: Greetings and Salutations from Less Than Jake

Year 2, Album 22: Less Than Jake – Greetings and Salutations


  1. The New Auld Lang Syne
  2. Younger Lungs
  3. Goodbye, Mr. Personality
  4. A Return to Headphones
  5. Harvey Wallbanger
  6. Flag Holders Union
  7. I Can’t Yell Any Louder
  8. View from the Middle
  9. Oldest Trick in the Book
  10. Done and Dusted
  11. Finer Points of Forgiveness
  12. Life Led Out Loud

About the Album

Greetings & Salutations from Less Than Jake is considered a compilation album from ska band, Less Than Jake. The album was a combination of two limited edition EPs: Greetings from Less Than Jake and Seasons Greetings from Less Than Jake. The album was released on January 8 2012.

Thoughts on the Album

Let’s face it… the genre of ska is all but dead. It was killed off by what is now giant beast that is pop. But some bands still keep plugging away at and one of them is Less Than Jake. Today’s album, Greetings and Salutations from Less Than Jake, is a “compilation” of sorts. It’s combination of two limited edition EPs that were essentially “tour only” releases and two unreleased tracks. The beauty of good ska music is that it’s quick, uptempo, and high energy. The music of this album fuses melodic guitar and bass hooks with brass and sax.

While Greetings and Salutations isn’t exactly, considered “new music,” as LTJ essentially repeat their formula for making music: melodic guitar, catchy trumpet and horns, self loathing lyrics, and high energy beats. But hey, if it ain’t broke, why fix it right? The formula works.

Opening track, The New Auld Lang Syne, contains the band’s trademark wit and cynicism. If you’ve heard LTJ before, than you’d probably know what to expect. So while this track is predictable, as it sounds like a few older LTJ songs. But it’s still a stand out on the album, despite it’s slightly slow start.

One of my favorite tracks, Goodbye, Mr. Personality, is a compelling track that has a hell of a catchy refrain that is buoyed by a melody that’s right in guitarist Chris Demakes’ vocal wheelhouse. The track provides the a slower dance number to shimmy and skank to.

Quick hits: Flag Holders Union is a driving rocker with a nihilistic chorus that says is sung over a perfectly blaring and almost out of tune trombone line. View from the Middle is cut from the same vein as Flag Holders Union, as it’s another uptempo and driving ska rocker.


Short and sweet for this one. If you were unfortunate and couldn’t go to their tours to pick up the original two EPs, than grab yourself a copy of this album. Greetings and Salutations from Less Than Jake has everything a LTJ (and ska) fan wants and needs. Being honest, while the band wont be surprising anyone with new material, but when you a formula that works successfully, you continue using it. That’s what this released does. Pick up a copy and rock out.


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