Year 2, Day 20: Hey, No Hitting Below the Belt!

Year 2, Album 20: Danko Jones – Below The Belt


  1. I Think Bad Thoughts
  2. Active Volcanoes
  3. Tonight is Fine
  4. Magic Shake
  5. Had Enough
  6. (I Can’t Handle) Moderation
  7. Full of Regret
  8. The Sore Loser
  9. Like Dynamite
  10. Apology Accepted
  11. I Wanna Break Up With You

About the Album

Below the Belt is the fifth studio album from Canadian hard rockers, Danko Jones. The Album was released on May 11, 2010 (in Canada) and on May 18, 2010 (in the United States.

Thoughts on the Album

Canadian hard rock. Okay I can deal with that. I forget which EA Sports NHL game I heard Full of Regret on (probably NHL 11) after a few listens I decided to check out the album. I liked Below the Beltdidn’t love it though. It falls into the abyss that is the hard rock genre; which is mired with subpar instrumentation, simplistic guitar and chord progression, etc. But Danko Jones manages to sound fresh. Frontman (and band namesake), Danko Jones’ vocals could send chills down my spine when he belts out the lyrics. The album features a very strong collection of modern rock songs, with just a touch of retro on them.

Danko Jones has created a loud and catchy, yet heavy album with Below the Beltby blending their old and new sounds. The album kicks up the aggressiveness and tempo to about thirteen on the meter. This is all started by the opening number, I Think Bad Thoughts. All innuendo found in this track (and the entire album) aside, the track is loud, energetic, and aggressive.

The track, Had Enough is another track found on the album that just rolls along relentlessly. It’s one of those songs that makes you wish you could have heard it while breaking up with your last significant other. It is a “slightly” more subdued track, if you call ” ‘slightly’ subdued” aggressive and in your face.

The first single, Full of Regret is the track that everyone should be listening to. It continues the aggressive, loud, and uptempo style of music that listeners are accustomed to hearing from this band. Of the guitar work and vocals on this track, it’s the best on the album.


Sleaze rock at it’s finest. Some of innuendos and jokes found throughout Below the Below will have you either laughing or going “hey chicka bump bump”. Below the Belt features some of the best tongue-in-cheek wit I have ever heard. It’s a no frills hard rock album built on tongue-in-cheek humor, wit, and innuendos. The riffs are pretty simple, along with the rest of the instrumentation. But that’s alright, it’s a straightforward hard rock album in it’s meanings.


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