Year 2, Day 18: Floored Friday

Year 2, Album 18: Sugar Ray – Floored


  1. RPM
  2. Breathe
  3. Anyone
  4. Fly (featuring Super Cat)
  5. Speed Home California
  6. High Anxiety
  7. Tap, Twist, Shout
  8. American Pig
  9. Stand and Deliver
  10. Cash
  11. Invisible
  12. Right Direction
  13. Fly

About the Album

Floored is the second studio album from California rockers, Sugar RayThe album upon released entered the top 20 on the Billboard 200, and peaked at number 12. According to the RIAA, Floored has be certified double-platinum.

Thoughts on the Album

So for today’s post, I decided to go back into the vault (or void depending on how you view it) of music that from the 1990s. I found myself an album that contains one of the most synonymous tracks of the decade. That album is Sugar Ray‘s Floored. And that track is Fly.

I decided on Floored, because I needed a good “Finally it’s flipping Friday” track, and I could think of no better track than, Fly. The album is a pure throwback to the 1990’s. Before talking about Fly, let me talk about the rest of the album first.

There are some hidden gems among the tracks. Tracks like American Pig and Right Direction, are rather enjoyable. The band manages to fuse heavy guitar riffs with aggressive hip hop vocals smoothly without sounding too cheesy or losing the meaning or edge. Or the cover song, Stand and Deliver maintains an old school punk edge to it.

The issues I have with this album is that, like many of the decade, it is prone to repetition. The repetition on some tracks pull them down despite the pretty good musicianship. But despite the repetitiousness of some the weaker tracks, there are not really awful ones. (There’s a difference between weak, bad, and awful)

So about Fly. I’m pretty sure I have cassette tapes somewhere in storage labeled “hit mix” or “summer 97 playlist” or something to those effects with this track on there. It’s one of the few songs that majority of people who grew up in the 1990’s can actually remember where they first heard it. I first heard it while watching the music video for it on VH1. Frontman Mark McGrath’s voice sounds pretty damn good on it. In fact it’s probably why the track was, (one) released as the first single, and (two) blew up as it did. And if I were to best describe this song, it would be a fusion of reggae, funk, ska, and alternative rock. It’s pretty hard to picture anyone not enjoying the song’s catchy hooks and McGrath’s smooth vocals.


Guilty pleasure band or artist aside, this is a decent album. Come for Fly, stay for everything else. If you want to relive those childhood memories from the 90’s or just want to kick back and listen to it, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this album.

Some concluding irony… critics claimed that they couldn’t repeat the success found with this album. So they titled their next album 14:59 an ode to Andy Warhol’s “fifteen minutes of fame”. The irony is? 14:59 did way better than this one.


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