Year 2, Day 17: The Longest Way Home

Year 2, Album 17: Donots – The Long Way Home


  1. Changes
  2. Calling
  3. Forever Ends Today
  4. High and Dry
  5. Let it Go
  6. Dead Man Walking
  7. Make Believe
  8. Who You Are
  9. The Years Gone By
  10. Hello Knife
  11. Parade of One

About the Album

The Long Way Home is the eighth studio album from German punk rock band, the Donots. The album was released in 2010, and spawned two singles: Calling and Forever Ends Today.

Thoughts on the Album

Last year, I reviewed a German punk rock band’s 2004 album titled Got The Noise. The Donots as they call themselves, do in fact “got the noise” and bring the noise at about a 15 on the dial. It’s loud, mean, in-your-face, pedal-to-the-metal, and overall awesome to rock to. Okay then, with that out the way, flash forward six years to 2010. The Donots drop their eighth studio album, The Long Way Home.

The Long Way Home represents a more mature Donots. A maturing band since their all-out, balls-to-the-wall sound of Got The Noise. Does that mean that this album is a quieter one? No, well, yes and no. In certain aspects, yes, but their overall sound and style is just as loud as ever.

The album kicks to life with the track, Changes. Changes features huge strums drawn out for extra emphasis (and effect) and a chorus of gut-produced rock vocals. All this is held together by a rather basic and ordinary percussion beat. Or how about the track, Let it Go? The track completely switches genres on you. With folksy strings, happy-go-lucky rhythmic chords, and the no thrills (nor frills) lyrics makes it so the melody takes the center of attention. Let it Go at the same time has enough conviction and emotion that most people will find it pretty hard to not sing along to.

The highlights of the album have to be the tracks: Calling, Forever Ends Today, and Dead Man Walking. First the track (and first single off the album), Calling. Calling is the notable song from the album. It grabs your attention immediately and never lets go for the roughly three minutes and change it has your ears for. It’s the drum beat and rolling hi-hat beat that pace the track, with the lead and rhythm guitars backing.

Forever Ends Today is a nice change of pace from the hard rocking Calling. While not as hard rocking as the previous track, it still will have you bobbing your head along to the beat. It’s the choir vocal intro combined with a crescendoing guitar riff that grabs your ears at first and never lets go. Quite frankly, this song has one of my favorite lines/lyrics ever:

And I told you so, ‘It’s mathematics, it’s not chemistry.’ And right now, the numbers are killing you and me…

Dead Man Walking, the sixth track on The Long Way Home utilizes a lead-in from the final four or five seconds of Let it Go, before beginning. The song is a fast pace, pedal-to-the-metal track that starts in fourth gear and doesn’t downshift until the end. The trademark Donots sound is featured prominently here. Also, featured is a catchy one line that is repeated throughout the song as the chorus:

All it takes is patience, all it takes is patience now…”

Finally, I want to end my thoughts on The Long Way Home with the final track: Parade of One. Parade of One, an ode, nay, an anthem to the solitude of trying to make it on your own, by yourself. The lyrics of Parade of One are seemingly snarky, yet melancholic with lines like: “I’m a one man band and I’m the clown,” and “Don’t you ever get to close to me, understand that there’s no “u” in team”.

The song starts of slowly with an acoustic guitar riff and strings. The song just builds up until about 1:45 mark before exploding into a loud eletcric guitar riffs and pounding drum beat. A minute late it goes back to the calmness of silence, before the acoustic guitar and strings kick back up again. The drums and electric guitar reenter and the song builds up and crescendos into the finale: a spoken one poem, the ode to being a parade of one…

I am my own god, my own church and my religion,
A fortress of mind, hard to climb, I’m fact not fiction,
I’m the fireman and I’m the lighter,
So bring on the fireworks.
Shining like the sun and burning brighter,
I am my own path, I’m a mess, my own decision, my decision,
I’m right as rain, ride the train without a ticket,
I bend and I break and I mend and I can take it,
I am not like rocket science,
I’m a one man band and the rest is silence,
I bend and I break and I mend and I can take it,
So bring on the fireworks.


The Long Way Home is the product of a maturing band. It’s one of the best Donots albums that they made. While not as good as Amplify the Good Times, Pocketrock, or Got The Noise; it is among their top five albums. It has a perfect mix of everything: it has hard rocking tracks, softer more folksy tracks, and of course anthems. My choices for anything looking to download any tracks off this album, go with: Calling, Forever Ends Today, Dead Man Walking, and of course, Parade of One.


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