Year 2, Day 16: The Soundtrack of Our Lives

Year 2, Album 16: The Sound Track of Our Lives -Communion


CD 1

  1. “Babel On”
  2. “Universal Stalker”
  3. “The Ego Delusion”
  4. “Pineal Gland Hotel”
  5. “Ra 88”
  6. “Second Life Replay”
  7. “Thrill Me”
  8. “Fly”
  9. “Pictures of Youth”
  10. “Mensa’s Marauders”
  11. “Just a Brother”
  12. “Distorted Child”

CD 2

  1. Everything Beautiful Must Die
  2. “The Fan Who Wasn’t There”
  3. “Flipside”
  4. “Lost Prophets in Vain”
  5. “Songs of the Ocean”
  6. “Digitarian Riverbank”
  7. “Reconnecting the Dots”
  8. “Without Warning”
  9. “Utopia”
  10. “Saturation Wanderers”
  11. “Lifeline”
  12. “The Passover”

About the Album

Communion is the fifth studio album from Swedish rockers, The Soundtrack of Our Lives.

Thoughts on the Album

Where to start with this behemoth of an album. 24 tracks, over 93 minutes (that’s well over an hour and twenty minutes!) of music, and it’s literally an experience. It combines so many genres from 1960’s funk and psychedelic rock to straight-up, plain-old, rock. It seems hilarious that any band in this day in age, in the 21st century would release a double album. Considering many listeners short attention spans, it would seem ludicrous that a band would release a double album. But leave it up to some Swedes to throw wrenches into the music industry’s gameplan.

The tracks on Communion flirt between hook-laden 70’s guitar rock to 60’s psych-pop that echoes in style to acts like Pink Floyd, Ray Davies’ The Kinks, and the Who.

The album starts off with a notion of acceptance and searching for connections inside the chaos, rather than pointing out the obvious. The basic rock tunes are layered with effects and other sounds that don’t even bother to mask their melodic structures throughout the tracks. For example, one should go no further than the spacey, psych-drenched opening track, BabelBabel is my personal favorite track off the album and for good reason. The track has a thrumming bassline, hook filled organ line, rumbling tribal drums, and counterpoint six-strings playing a call-and-response style riff. Singer, Ebbot Lundberg enters about halfway with almost metaphysical lines…

We’re here finalize,
the friction of your rise,
the twisting of your tongue, 
together with the sun.
The language that we speak,
Was spread out to complete,
And communicate as one,
So turn the towers of Babel on….

The next track, Universal Stalker follows BabelThe flow from Babel into Universal Stalker is as brilliant as it is beautiful. The track contains harpsichords, acoustic and electric guitars, and Farfisa; all underlying frontman Lundberg’s gentle vocals. The music on the first CD has an almost full crescendo into full rock, as it gradually increases in dynamic, tension, and tempo; all before it explodes into full rock.

That’s what CD #1 is all about, the full rock burn. Whether it’s the psych-fused and exhilarating Babel, or the more grounded Universal Stalker, or tracks like The Ego of DelusionThrill Me, RA 88, or Second Life Reply. CD #2 on the other hand is a more quieter, folksy, and calming affair. It starts with the folksy and dreamy Everything Beautiful Must Die and The Fan Who Wasn’t There and flows along with the psych-rock tracks of Reconnecting the Dots, and Utopia; all before climaxing and finishing with the gorgeous singalong track, The Passover.


Usually when artists or bands make double albums, they sound bloated, burdensome, and almost nauseating. Not with Communion. No. What The Soundtrack of Our Lives made with this album nothing more than greatness. While to the first time listener, it may sound nauseatingly bloated, but I assume you it breezes along with powerful singalong choruses, flashy (and flashing) guitars, and hook-filled melodies.

If you have 93 minutes to spare, pick up a copy, sit down, put it on, and just let the music take control.


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