Year 2, Day 11: I Got This Twinflower for You

Year 2, Day 11: Twinflower Band – Turn My Blame Into Gold


  1. In Too Deep
  2. Ride Along
  3. Blossom Girl
  4. Down With The Heartache
  5. Rosie
  6. Bittersweet Mornings
  7. The Smell of Sun
  8. Rooftops
  9. Sweetheart
  10. Rivers

About the Album

Turn My Blame Into Goldis the debut album from Swedish folk rock band, Twinflower Band. The album was released in 2011.

Thoughts on the Album

Once again, I give you another Swedish band. This time it’s the folksy tunes of Twinflower Band. The band is fronted by Mando Diao frontman Björn Dixgård’s elder sister, Linnéa. The band name is the nickname for the flower known as Linnaea. How I discovered this album was through YouTube. I forget what I was searching for but I clicked on one random video and it was the song Down With the Heartache. Instantly, I loved it.

Twinflower Band with their album Turn My Blame Into Gold combines several genres of music: American Country, Swedish Country, jazz, alternative (soft) rock, and soft rock. It’s a strange combination of musical genres to say the least, but hey, it works. The album opens with the “upbeat” track In Too Deep. The song opens with some drum work and harmonica before giving way to an acoustic guitar riff mixed with electric guitar chords mixed throughout. The hook is the opening notes followed by Linnéa Dixgård’s vocals. Oh boy, what a set of pipes she has.

The pace of In Too Deep flows directly into the next track, Ride Along. The hook is the catchy whistling riff that opens the song. It sounds more like a typical American country/western song than it does Swedish music. The acoustic guitar riff, electric guitar chords, bouncing bass line, and rolling snare drum work powers the song. Not mention again, Dixgård’s vocal work. The song ends with a slow down before giving way to the third track, Blossom Girl.

Blossom Girl has a beautiful piano riff that is gentle and delicate and matches up well with Dixgård’s voice. Towards the middle of the song, a beautiful accordion riff starts playing and mixes in smooth with the main piano riff.

The fourth track, Done With the Heartache, opens with some light drum before a soft bouncing bass line and electric guitar chord starts. This is the track, in my opinion, that best highlights and puts on display, Linnéa Dixgård’s voice. Considering the song is rather somber, the chorus however soars, with Dixgård belting oit out with command and authority.


If you are looking to expand your musical horizons, then look no further. Twinflower Band‘s Turn My Blame Into Gold is what you are looking for. It’s an amazing combination of folk rock, jazz, country, and soft rock all in one place. The Dixgård and Norén musical pedigree and prowess account for probably a fourth of the tracks on my iPhone.

That said, Turn My Blame Into Gold is a nice change of pace from the usual hard rock, alternative rock, and plain old rock and rock that I usually review. At 31 minutes, this album is totally worth it.


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