Year 2, Day 10: When It’s Over… I’ll Come Back Again

Year 2, Day 10: Molotov Jive – When It’s Over I’ll Come Back Again


  1. Weight Off My Shoulder
  2. The Luck You Got
  3. Valentines Day
  4. Hold Me Tight (Like A Gun)
  5. Mr. Mushroom
  6. Made In Spain
  7. Rich Girls Game
  8. She Dreamt of New York
  9. Die She Must
  10. Here Comes the Flood
  11. Bloodgiver

About the Album

When It’s Over I’ll Come Back Again is the debut album from Swedish indie/alternative rock band, Molotov Jive. The album was released in October of 2006.

Thoughts on the Album

I love Swedish rock bands, especially bands like Mando Diao, Johnossi, and Sugarplum Fairy. I remember checking out iTunes Radio for one of those bands, and this catchy little number from a little know Swedish rock group by the name of Molotov Jive comes on. The song, called Made In Spain, was stuck in my head after the first listen. So I had to check out YouTube and see what was up with this group. It was almost like love at first listen.

Molotov Jive‘s sound is very similar to that of their Swedish compatriots during the mid-2000s. What I mean by this is that it’s two guitars, five piece rock band. Their debut album, When It’s Over I’ll Come Back Again shines in the shadows of their contemporaries. Whereas Mando Diao and Johnossi albums have a more matured and heavy rock sound to it, this one is more raw and unpolished.

The album opens with the track, Weight Off My Shoulder, a pseudo ballad whose organ and guitar riffs at the opening will latch onto your ears and never let go. The dual guitar riffs, lead into the big chorus in which frontman and rhythm guitarist, Anton Annersand belts out the hook “Take this weight off my shoulder and lead me to you…” After the second verse and repeat of the chorus, the organ plays a little riff, before being joined in by the guitars, bass, and drums. This builds up into one final soaring chorus.

Probably one of the best songs on the album is, Hold Me Tight (Like A Gun)Now this one is a ballad. Think of it more as power garage rock ballad though as it roars in at almost five and a half minutes long. The song’s hook has to be the dual guitar riffs from both the lead and rhythm guitars. The slow starts out with a lone guitar riff and Annersand belting out the first verse before being accompanied by a grand piano riff and some light cymbal hits. The song just keeps building up and building up, into a grand crescendo, especially at the 3:00 minute mark. This track has probably the best organ riff on the entire album.

My personal favorite is track five, Made In Spain. This is the pure rocker on the album. It starts off with a rolling drum line and bouncing bass line before the guitar riffs kick in. This song also features some trumpet lines mixed in throughout the verses and chorus. Once the chorus starts, it just soars. The track is an incredibly catchy one. The song builds into a bridge crescendo, before the guitar solo blasts it’s way into the song and ends it perfectly.


So, while Molotov Jive may not be on the same level as their Swedish contemporaries, When It’s Over I’ll Come Back Again is a noble effort. It’s one of the few full albums I keep on my iPhone. It seems the Swedes have figured out the formula to a few things in life: 1) how to make great ice hockey players; 2) how to make good rock music. This album is definitely worth a listen.



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