Year Two… engage.

So here we are again, one year later, in 2014 and it is Ash Wednesday (March 5th 2014). One year has come and gone and I have to say thanks to everyone who checked out this blog. I mean it. Even if you don’t like the bands or albums I posted, thanks for stopping by and at least checking it out. Now with all that stuff out of the way…

Year number two. Right.

So what can you expect? Another 40 albums over the 40 days of Lent, of course, duh. But seriously, I found some great artists from all over Europe, Canada, the United States, and elsewhere. Music is like good news, you just want to share it with everyone. But I should also remind everyone that music is all about personal taste. What I like, you may not like. Just like what I don’t like, you may like.

Either way, the second year for The Broad Street Playlist looks to be a great year. I’d thank each and every one of you who clicked that link and came here an read about some of the albums that I personally love. Hopefully it’s more of the same this year! So let’s get started…

This is gonna be good…

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