Ska Friday: Less Than Jake – Hello Rockview

Less Than Jake – Hello Rockview


  1. “Last One out of Liberty City” – 2:01
  2. “Help Save the Youth of America from Exploding” – 2:53
  3. “All My Best Friends Are Metalheads” – 3:31
  4. “Five State Drive” – 2:48
  5. “Nervous in the Alley” – 2:54
  6. “Motto” – 3:14
  7. “History of a Boring Town” – 3:22
  8. “Great American Sharpshooter” – 1:28
  9. “Danny Says” – 2:51
  10. “Big Crash” – 2:43
  11. “Theme Song for H Street” – 2:43
  12. “Richard Allen George… No, It’s Just Cheez” – 1:46
  13. “Scott Farcas Takes It on the Chin” – 2:34
  14. “Al’s War” – 3:04

About the Album

Well we have come to the end of this project. Day 40. Finally made it. Today’s album is the third studio release from ska band, Less Than Jake… Hello Rockview. Released in October of 1998, Hello Rockview hit number 80 on the Billboard charts.

Thoughts on the Album

Horns? Check. Saxophone? Check. Guitars, bass, and drums? Check, check, and check. Want an album to mosh to or just jam out to? Hello Rockview is it. I have to admit, this album is probably the most fun to listen to. I should explain that… not only are the songs great and catchy, but because of the lyrics book that comes with the album. On the inside there is a comic which shows all the lyrics in it, and it tells a story.

The album opener, “Last One Out of Liberty City” kicks off the record with a high-pitched squeal, and from there on kicks it into fourth gear. As one of the faster paced songs on Hello Rockview, “Last One Out Of Liberty City” definitely opens Hello Rockview on a high note. The bass line is a killer one. “Last One Out of Liberty City” sets the tone for the rest of the album easily.

The opener then leads directly in “Help Save The Youth Of America” which opens with begins with distorted acoustic sounding guitar introducing the vocals. “Help Save The Youth Of America” has an incredible melody and rhythm to it. However, what sets this song apart from others on the album, is the electric feel. The energy from the song is off the charts… probably able to power a small city or three. The chorus is also quite awesome too.

Third song, and probably the most popular song, “All My Best Friends Are Metalheads” opens with some spoken word before jumping right into a bouncy guitar riff. Noticeable on this track is presence of keys. Featured on a Tony Hawk Pro Skater game (I believe THPS 4), “All My Best Friends Are Metalheads” is that one song that everyone sings along to. It is a very happy song with superb brass support. While does get a wee bit repetitive after multiple listens, it definitely holds up.

Track 7, “History of a Boring Town” is another one of the excellent songs from Hello Rockview. “History of a Boring Town” comes out swinging with some jangly guitar riffs and spunky bass lines. It has an excellent pace and beat to it, and the chorus is untouchable. While it sounds a wee bit more “pop” than most of the songs, it still holds steady.


With some damn catchy hooks, riffs, and lyrics, Hello Rockview is definitely a must own. Need an album that will get you dancing around and maybe even make you crack a smile? Less Than Jake’s Hello Rockview, is definitely for you. Some bands naturally have the ability to put smiles on faces. Less Than Jake is one of those bands… and with some upbeat ska beats, rightly so. We are closing this project out with a face paced bang.

I mean seriously, what’s not to like about the sound of fast paced guitars and brass?


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