Foo Fighters Friday! Foo Fighters – Wasting Light

Foo Fighters Friday: Foo Fighters – Wasting Light


  1. Bridge Burning
  2. Rope
  3. Dear Rosemary
  4. White Limo
  5. Arlandria
  6. These Days
  7. Back Forth
  8. A Matter Of Time
  9. Miss The Misery
  10. I Should Have Known
  11. Walk

About The Album

Wasting Light is the seventh studio album from American alternative rock band, the Foo Fighters. Released in April of 2011, the album features analog recording to recapture the band’s earlier sound from previous releases. Wasting Light debuted at number one on the United States charts, and several other countries worldwide.

Thoughts on the album

With Wasting Light, we get perhaps the most purely rock and roll record from Dave Grohl and Co. The album was recorded in Grohl’s garage, using only analog equipment until post-mastering, the Foos made an album that is a lot more rawer and crunchier sounding than their more recent work. I’ll say this: it is rare gem of brilliance compared to the rest of music today. Wasting Light definitely overshadows their previous release, Echoes, Silence, Patience, & Grace.

Wasting Light opens with the blistering and intense, “Bridge Burning”. The guitar and pounding drum fills rock listeners down to their core right from the outset and the verses are rhythmic, perfectly setting up a grand slam of a chorus that exemplifies everything anybody should like about this band.

First single and second track, “Rope”, features equal parts aggression and rhythm. “Rope” also highlights the old school Foo Fighters hooks and harmonies. With Hawkins’ drums and Grohl’s harmonies with overdriven 90’s alternative guitars make for one of the catchier tracks on the record. The prominent guitar riff that is heard sounds great no matter how you hear it; whether it is from a grainy FM signal in your car to those ugly looking, acoustically balanced “Beats By Dre” headphones.

Other highlights: “These Days” features a more heavier sound but Grohl’s lyrics and songwriter just suck you in. Definitely one of the more stronger tracks on Wasting Light. Despite being more polished and sounding closer to more recent Foo Fighters tracks, the heavy bridge and chorus make this track one of the more memorable ones.

“I Should Have Known” features guest bassist and Grohl’s former band mate in NirvanaKrist Novoselic. The track is the slowest one on the album, but the lyrics and bass line surely make up for it.

“Walk” closes it out. The closer sounds like a true arena filling anthem. The build up to its climax is infectious in the same way as “Arlandria”, the chorus doesn’t quite have the same impact. But nevertheless a very fitting ending to a superb album.


To anyone who says this album has flaws, of course it does… all albums do. But Wasting Light‘s flaws are essential to its being. Of course Wasting Light is far from perfect too. Wasting Light surely surpasses Echoes, Silence, Patience, & Grace and ranks up there among the better Foo Fighters releases. And sure, the sound is still as mainstream as ever… but of course it should be no new news to anyone. Wasting Light is arguably the band’s best work since The Colour and The Shape.


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