European Road Trip Continues: Brooklyn – Clandestine

Brooklyn – Clandestine


  1. Clandestine
  2. Heart Lies
  3. Volcanology
  4. Only Changing
  5. Stay Around
  6. Lonely Days
  7. From Tomorrow
  8. A & A Tree For
  9. Flowers For The Dead
  10. Goodbye London
  11. Many Times
  12. Clean

About the album

Clandestine is the debut album of Parisian indie rockers, Brooklyn. The album was released in 2008 through Crtl Alt Del Records. Features single “Volcanology” that was in the game Saints Row 3. 

Thoughts on the album

This one was a wee bit of trouble to track down here in the states, it is a rare one indeed. Never the less, if you have 48 minutes, I think you’ll enjoy this one. While it’s not great and revolutionary by any stretch of the imagination, it’s not a bad album and a pretty damn good debut, I think.

The issue I take with this album and the band is that there is a definite lack of adventurousness. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any bright spots. Title track, “Clandestine” kicks the album off with a driving drumbeat before leading into a bass groove that jumps about. The chorus is catchy and will have you singing along to it.

“Volcanology” opens with a catchy guitar riff before the bass and drums kicks in. Containing an infectious vocal bridge in the middle of the song, “Volcanology” will have you singing along to it. Definitely one of the highlights of Clandestine.

While Brooklyn’s sound that is created in Clandestine is not hugely exciting but it’s definitely upbeat and the sweetly sung music of Brooklyn always provides a smile. The vocals are pleasantly put across and provide an extremely positive and uplifting vibe.


It’s not a bad debut effort from the Parisian quartet, and it is far from the best and is certainly far from the worst I have ever heard before. The indie rock guitar sound works exceptionally well in Clandestine, and the music is  extremely pleasant to listen to, and if you like the sound of the soulful indie rock fused with a hint of glam rock then you should most definitely give this album a listen. While Clandestine will probably never become your favorite album, if you are looking for a relaxing rock record to chill to, Brooklyn’s Clandestine should certainly do the trick.


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