Day 23: Foxy Shazam – Foxy Shazam

Day 23: Foxy Shazam – Foxy Shazam


  1. “Intro: Bombs Away”
  2. “Wanna-Be Angel”
  3. “Count Me Out”
  4. “Bye Bye Symphony”
  5. “Unstoppable”
  6. “Second Floor”
  7. “Oh Lord”
  8. “Connect”
  9. “The Only Way to My Heart…”
  10. “Killin’ It”
  11. “Evil Thoughts”
  12. “Teenage Demon Baby”
  13. “Some Kind of Love”

About the Album

Foxy Shazam is the third studio album and self-titled major label debut album by alternative and glam rockers, Foxy Shazam. The was released in April of 2010 and peaked at number two on the U.S. Billboard Top Heatseekers Chart (151 on the Billbaord 200).

Thoughts on the tracklist

The album starts out bombastically with “Intro/Bombs Away”. It also has one of the strangest opening lines ever: “There sure are a lot of dogs out there this evening/Perhaps they could assist me… in a song!”. But it lets you know exactly what kind of bizarre album you’re in for before launching you into a blistering opener assisted by Eric’s powerful, wailing vocals.

“Wanna-Be Angel” mixes the orchestral pomp of Sparks with the fury of Freddie Mercury’s vocals, this is the first “hit” of the album. Totally over the top, totally catchy.  The clever verses lead into a gargantuan chorus. Also… very sincere that its hard not to like this one.

“Count Me Out” is one of the many standouts from Foxy Shazam. The lyrics are spat out with such passion as the song tells many stories of love gone wrong. The chorus and echoing guitars will no doubt, force the listener to feel something whether they want to or not.

“Bye Bye Symphony” slows it down, but does it with such passion and aggression. It is definitely a very soulful song, but it is done on a GRAND scale. Nally’s vocals belt out the song’s noticeable chorus with soul and in an “oh-so serious” manner: “Life is a bitch/but she’s totally doable…”

“Unstoppable,” the second single from Foxy Shazam sounds like it is about four decades late. Like a lost and wayward 1970’s glam rock hit, it’s anthemic chorus roars in the stratosphere and doesn’t come down until the end. It feels like a “We Are The Champions”, but massively uptempo and upbeat. Can’t help to imagine the band rocking an entire stadium with this song.

“Oh Lord,” the third single from Foxy Shazam. It’s my personal favorite track from the album. I can only begin to describe this song… huge, majestic, epic, massive, grand… words can’t describe it.

Thoughts on the album

Foxy Shazam was arguably the best album from 2010, despite flying under the radar. This album is a strange mix of indie rock meets the massive scale of arena rock. Foxy Shazam beautifully blends fantastic piano work with a breathtaking vocal range from Nally. The songs all have some serious topic to it, but they are blended together with outrageous and over-the-top humor. This album is an odd and strange fusion of Meat Loaf and Queen.


I believe the term “swagger” gets overused by kids these days. Foxy Shazam has swagger with this album. It’s got everything one could need: humor, snark, sarcasm, seriousness, facebreaking riffs, all on a grand scale. This album definitely has the capacity to appeal to fans of almost any genre, and should definitely not be overlooked. A group with this much swagger commands your attention.


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