Day 22: Sugar Ray – 14:59

Day 22: Sugar Ray – 14:59


  1. “New Direction”
  2. “Every Morning”
  3. “Falls Apart”
  4. “Personal Space Invader”
  5. “Live & Direct” featuring KRS-One
  6. “Someday”
  7. “Aim for Me”
  8. “Ode to the Lonely Hearted”
  9. “Burning Dog”
  10. “Even Though”
  11. “Abracadabra” 
  12. “Glory”
  13. “New Direction”

About the Album

14:59 is the third studio album by the band, Sugar Ray. The album was released in 1999, entering the top 20 of Billboard 200, peaking at 17. The album’s title is an ode to the band’s critics who called them “one hit wonders” and were only merely enjoying their fifteen minutes of fame.

Thoughts on the Tracklist

The album opens with a 50 second introduction, “New Direction”. It is a spoof of 1980’s death metal the boys grew up listening to. As well as parodying their move away from their older, metal-influenced work. Nothing like self-deprecating humor.

“Every Morning”, is one of the band’s biggest hits ever. It is a perfect summer anthem to which singer Mark McGrath pours out lyrics of a long-lost angel, whom must have left her halo in McGrath’s bed after the romance was done. I remember “Every Morning” having heavy radio airplay back when this song first came out.

“Falls Apart” is easily the deepest song on the album. Offering a good tune to hum a long to and strong lyrics from McGrath. The song bursts to pieces in the middle, but comes back together in nice fashion. Containing distorted guitars and a chorus that everybody can sing along to, it was easy to see why it was released as a single.

“Someday”, another hit from 14:59, brings much needed lyrical presence that was missing from this album. It is another summer time anthem, much like “Every Morning”. Ihas a unique and rather wonderful sound, that you can help but sing along to.

Thoughts on the album

I don’t know… it could be the cold weather, but I am really craving summer. Sugar Ray’s 14:59 brings it. It is a perfect album for summer. That said, the album is a departure from their earlier more heavier sounding material. Though 14:59 doesn’t quite let go of the band’s old roots, featuring smatterings of their old style fused with newer, mellower, pop sounds. 14:59 features something for everyone. The album is full of tongue-in-cheek humor, as well as self-deprecating humor.


If you liked Sugar Ray‘s older, more heavier sounding music, then 14:59 may not be for you. But if you are looking for a good summertime jam or a good album that will get you singing along and jamming out to, then look no further. It is good, edgy, melodic pop-rock at its finest.


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