Day 17: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Stadium Arcadium

Day 17: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Stadium Arcadium


  • Jupiter
  1. Dani California
  2. Snow (Hey Oh)
  3. Charlie
  4. Stadium Arcadium
  5. Hump de Bump
  6. She’s Only 18
  7. Slow Cheetah
  8. Torture Me
  9. Strip My Mind
  10. Especially in Michigan
  11. Warlocks
  12. C’mon Girl
  13. Wet Sand
  14. Hey
  • Mars
  1. Desecration Smile
  2. Tell Me Baby
  3. Hard to Concentrate
  4. 21st Century
  5. She Looks To Me
  6. Readymade
  7. If
  8. Make You Feel Better
  9. Animal Bar
  10. So Much I
  11. Storm In A Teacup
  12. We Believe
  13. Turn It Again
  14. Death of a Martian

About the Album

Stadium Arcadium is the ninth studio album of funk rock and alternative rockers, the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The album was released in May of 2006, and was the last album to feature John Frusciante as the group’s guitarist, as he would depart the band in 2009. Stadium Arcadium, was the band’s first number one selling album of their entire career.

About The Tracklist

Where to begin… where to begin?! This is another album, where there are so many great songs to choose from! I’ll pick the highlights/my favorites. Disc 1, Jupiter, starts off with the bombastic radio-friendly [smash] hit, “Dani California”, designed to get you jumping around and pumping your fist in the air.  John put together a great riff and bridge, plus, the replay value here is high. The chorus has a really catchy feel and really completes the song

Another highlight, “Charlie,” sounds almost like a monochromatic “Give It Away” retread. That is, until it bursts into the rainbows of Frusciante’s falsetto harmonies and the fires of Frusciante’s simultaneous dueling guitar solos. The chorus of the song the highlight.

“Snow (Hey Oh)”, slows it down after the blood-pumping, adrenaline-racing, “Dani California”. The guitar line is so complex, I’m pretty sure no human could play it, but Frusciante plays it effortlessly. Not to mention the soothing vocals of Kiedis complete the ballad.

The title track “Stadium Arcadium,” has a really dreamy feel. Kiedis’ vocals shine in the fullest in this ballad and is one of his personal highlights on the album. All the while Frusciante’s guitar line is a real gem.

“Tell Me Baby”, the second track on Mars, aka Disc 2 features The Flea’s funky bass line. The song has definite dance appeal. Kiedis masterfully combined his unique style of smooth vocals with rapping. Backed by the PATENTED funk-infused bass line of the Flea, the psychedelic guitar line of  Frusciante, and the bombastic drumming of Smith, “Tell Me Baby” is one of the best from the two album release. As Rolling Stone dubbed this song “supercatchy”, so do I. It’s so catchy, it’s infectious.

Thoughts on the Album

I loved this album. Loved the fact it was actually supposed to be three albums released over a span of time. Of course the album is not perfect. It is as close to perfect as you can get. As I said before on a few other albums, there is something in this dual album release for everyone. Want hard rocking anthems? Check. Want a pop ballad? Check. Want something more slow and dark? Check. Or how about something to dance to? Check, check, and check. Definite highlights include the title track, “Stadium Arcadium”, “Dani California”, “Tell Me Baby”, and “Snow ((Hey Oh))”.


If you have a little over 2 hours and I know it seems daunting to listen to it in one go, this album will not disappoint. The Red Hot Chili Peppers knock it out of the park with Stadium Arcadium.


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