Day 16: Rock ‘n’ Roll Soldiers – So Many Musicians to Kill

Day 16: Rock ‘n’ Roll Soldiers – So Many Musicians to Kill


  1. Failures
  2. Bad Mistakes
  3. Funny Little Feeling
  4. Leave This Place
  5. Gunz Out
  6. Money Well Spent
  7. Flag Song
  8. Hills
  9. High School Made Me Crazy
  10. Mud and Waste
  11. Behind Closed Doors
  12. Loose Arm Shake
  13. High And Low
  14. Waiting for One
  15. Anthem

About the Album

So Many Musicians to Kill is the debut album of hard, roughnecking, garage rockers, Rock ‘n’ Roll Soldiers. The album was released in 2006 and featuring songs “Funny Little Feeling”, “Flag Song”, and “Anthem”

About the tracklist

The songs “Gunz Out” “Funny Little Feeling,” “Flag Song”, and “Anthem” stick out the most. These are gems of the album. Not saying that the rest of the album is bad, it’s good, but these songs are the best of the best. I will say that “Gunz Out” is probably the best they’ve done so far, and along with “Flag Song” they really know how to craft a solid rock anthem.

Thoughts the Album

The album is definitely a rare one that’s for sure. The songs are catchy, but not so catchy where you’ll go “alright, I’m done.” The songs are relative short, quick, fast paced, will make you raise you fist in the air… majority of them under 3 minutes in length. The four longest songs are “Leave This Place” (3:56), “Hills” (3:23), “High and Low” (3:32), and “Waiting For One” (3:54). “Funny Little Feeling”, “Flag Song”, and the ironically titled “Anthem” are bonafide rock anthems. While lyrically, this album is nothing special, the sound makes up for it. It’s loud, in-your-face, fast pace, hard, edgy, full of sarcasm, sneer, and snark.


While this band never was to begin with, this album is good. Need something to pump you up? Want something to clap along to or rock out to? Listen to this. Good luck finding a copy though!


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