Day 14: Foo Fighters – In Your Honor

Day 14: Foo Fighters – In Your Honor


(Disc 1)

  1. In Your Honor
  2. No Way Back
  3. Best of You
  4. DOA
  5. Hell
  6. The Last Song
  7. Free Me
  8. Resolve
  9. The Deepest Blues Are Black
  10. End Over End

(Disc 2)

  1. Still
  2. What If I Do
  3. Miracle
  4. Another Round
  5. Friend of a Friend
  6. Over and Out
  7. On the Mend
  8. Virginia Moon
  9. Cold Day in the Sun
  10. Razor

About the Album

In Your Honor, is the fifth studio album by the Foo Fighters released in 2005 through RCA Records. It is a two disc or double album… disc one features heavier sounding rock while disc two features mellower acoustic songs.

About the Tracklist

(Disc One only)

The songs on disc one features everything most people have come to love about the Foo Fighters. The titled track, opens with a thunderous, earsplitting guitar note and adds more sound—including Grohl’s shouty vocals—before letting pounding drums push it to a sweaty climax. This is a great introductory song, it starts off distant and epic, before getting closer and breaking free with a crazy chorus. The lyrics are profound and seem to build up towards something: the rest of this mammoth album.

The song that follows, “No Way Back” rides a monster riff and a bullying beat through words and music that would probably sound paltry had any other band tried playing the song. It has a very funky guitar solo and the rip will really stick in your head! The lyrics are pretty cool, and the way they are composed is very catchy.

“Best Of You” is possibly the heaviest most melodic thing the band has ever done period. It is a very powerful piece of rock, both sonically and emotionally. Grohl’s vocals are brilliant, staying par for the course, and the chorus is so catchy, the verses almost idyllic.

“DOA” was the second single from the album, and is another really brilliant song. The verses are very catchy and the guitars are hyper. The drum work in this song impresses me in particular.

“Hell” is a short song that is followed by the superb “The Last Song.” This song is superb, and the way the vocals mold brilliantly around Grohl’s voice at the start is always a delight. The drum work is very prominent too.

“Free Me” is one of the more crazier songs on the album. The guitar work in this song’s chorus is absolutely crazy. I believe guitar lovers with come to adore it. Grohl’s vocals are also incredibly powerful in the middle of the song.

“Resolve” sounds more like old Foo Fighters, with a heavier sound and some brilliant guitar work. The lyrics are pretty cool too. “The Deepest Blues Are Black” is another good song. “End Over End” is pretty much the same as the last song. It’s not a brilliant song, but it’s not a bad one either. I also think this song is too long, at just under six minutes in length. The first disc closes with “The Sign.” This is thankfully a better song, and the guitar work is so evocative in the verses. I find this a very powerful song, quite Nirvana-ish yet still unique.

Thoughts on the album

The Foo Fighters rank up there on the list of my favorite bands. Top 10 easily. In Your Honor, reinforces that. The second disc at first, with it’s mellower acoustic songs, really didn’t appeal to be me much. But after a few listens a few of the songs grew on me. While not quite my favorite Foo album (if you are wondering: The Colour and The Shape) it’s definitely top three. This album has everything a music lover needs: hard, arena rocking, Roy Halladay style face-breaking songs and mellower acoustics songs that calm the mind.


One of the best of 2005. A must own… not just for any Foo Fighters fan, but any music lover. While the first disc definitely overpowers the second and does detract overall, you will be pleasantly surprised by this album. Enjoy it!


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