Artist of the Day: Billy Talent

Billy Talent (from l to r): Aaron Solowoniuk, Ian D’sa, Ben Kowalewicz, Jonathan Gallant

Today’s artist of the day comes to us from north of the border. Hailing from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada… it’s Canadian punk band, Billy Talent. Let’s get something straight first… no one from the band is actually named Billy Talent. The band consists of vocalist Ben Kowalewicz, guitarist Ian D’sa, bassist Jonathan Gallant, and drummer Aaron Solowoniuk.

The band’s story is a unique one. They founded in 1993, while still in high school (Canadian version: secondary school) under the name Pezz. They played for almost an entire decade before finding mainstream success. They changed their name to Billy Talent from Pezz due having legal troubles with the original name.

(Fun side note: many fans mistake Kowalewicz as being named Billy Talent)

2003, the band released their self-titled album, Billy Talent. The album garnered significant commercial success which led to sold-out shows on tours across Canada, the United States, and considerable success in the United Kingdom.

2005, the band released their second self-titled and third album overall, Billy Talent II. While it didn’t find the same success Stateside, it went Double Platinum in Canada. The album marks a maturing of the band.

2009, their third self-titled album, Billy Talent III was released. And in 2012, their fifth album overall, Dead Silence was released.


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