Day 9: Got The Noise – Donots

Day 9: Got The Noise – Donots


  1. “We Got the Noise” – 3:46
  2. “Knowledge” – 2:57
  3. “Wretched Boy” – 3:39
  4. “It’s Over” – 3:36
  5. “Disappear” – 2:53
  6. “Life Ain’t Gonna Wait” 3:52
  7. “Alright Now” – 3:20
  8. “Good-Bye Routine” – 2:51
  9. “Your Way Home” – 3:04
  10. “The Jerk Parade” – 2:58
  11. “Cough It Up” – 2:58
  12. “Better Days (Not Included)” – 2:28
  13. “Punchline” – 2:50

Album the Album

Got the Noise is the 2004 release by German punk rock band, the Donots. It is the sixth album overall released by the Donots. It features the title song, “We Got The Noise”, which was featured in EA Sports’ MVP Baseball 2005.

Thoughts on the tracklist

First off, “We Got The Noise” may just be the best batter walk up or pitcher entrance song ever…. of all time. It is the title track and the first one on the album. It kick starts the party with bang and doesn’t stop. It’s the German punk quintet’s ode to the punk lifestyle. The one line exemplifies this: “NO RULES NO FAKES NO FASHION ANYWAY!”

“Knowledge”, the second track obviously has some shortcomings one of which is trying to follow the anthem that was the first track. But the choruses of “Knowledge” surely make up for the shortcomings. It is a very catchy chorus. “The Jerk Parade” is very sarcastic and serious. Ingo Knollmann, the songwriter, has a knack for writing catchy, sarcastic, humorous, and serious lyrics. It has crunchy power chords to open, then goes into a riff. An example of Ingo’s songwriting: “Inject what money can afford/I’ll see you all at Betty Ford’s/Take a bow and the backdoor”

“Life Ain’t Gonna Wait” is one of the better songs on the album. The song title and lyrics explain it all. The opening riff is awesome. The rest of the song is very well produced too.

One of my favorite songs from this album, outside of “We Got The Noise” is “Good-bye Routine”.  The usually bombastic German punks, slow it down and go unplugged. The unplugged “Good-bye Routine” is perfect, despite it’s softer nature.

Thoughts on the Album

I discovered this band while playing MVP Baseball 2005. This album has almost everything: hard, crunchy, raw guitar riffs. Pounding drum lines. Bass hooks that set the tone. And vocalist with a unique voice. This album is perfect for the guitar or drum lover. There are so many great tracks, opening with the straight up rock n roll anthem ‘We got the Noise’ right up to the attitude filled ‘Punchline’. fans of great guitar music will be easily pleased, ‘Knowledge’ has a kick ass guitar solo and ‘Life Ain’t Gonna Wait’ opens up with an awesome riff.


This album is perfect for working out or rocking out. The opening lines of “We Got The Noise” (and the album) are: “You ready?! ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR!!!” Well are you? If you like good guitar music or good drum music, I guarantee you will love this album.


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