Artist of the Day: Donots

The Donots (from l to r): Ingo, Jan-Dirk, Guido, Eike, Alex

The Donots… one of my favorite European bands. Hailing from Ibbenbüren, Germany… or as the band calls it: “Ibbenbüren Rockcity”. The band was founded in 1993. Band members consist of brothers, Ingo and Guido Knollmann (pronounced: GEE-do), Jan-Dirk Poggemann, Eike Herwig, and Alex Siedenbiedel.

The band released it’s first album, Pedigree Punk in 1994. Whit raw crunchy and punk filled vocals and guitar the band hit the German music scene. 1998 saw the release of their second album, Tonight’s Karaoke Contest Winners. During ’98, they played their first tour. In 1999, they release their third album, Better Days Not Included, through now defunct major record label, Supersonic Records.

From there it is was only up for the Donots. 2001, Pocketrock was released. In 2002, they released Amplify the Good Times, to rave success in German and Japan.

2004: Got the Noise is releasedIn 2006, the band put out The Story So Far – The Ibbtown Chronicles. This album, was a greatest hits album and also their last album with Supersonic/GUN records.

2008, the quintet release Coma Chameleon though their own label called Solitary Man Records. Which was a direction change for the band. 2010, the band put out The Long Way Home.

Finally, in 2012, the band put out Wake The Dogs.


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