Day 8: This Could Be A Possibility – Valencia

Day 8: This Could Be A Possibility – Valencia


  1. “The Space Between” — 3:37
  2. “Que Sera Sera” — 3:55
  3. “What Are You Doing, Man? That’s Weird!” — 2:56
  4. “Tenth Street” — 3:55
  5. “The Closest I Am to Living Life on the Edge” — 3:29
  6. “Will We Ever Know How?” — 3:13
  7. “Eagle Mount Drive” — 2:47
  8. “3000 Miles” — 2:46
  9. “Backs Against the Wall” — 2:43
  10. “Away We Go” — 3:18

About The Album

This is the debut album of Valencia. It was originally released through I Surrender Records in September of 2005, then later reissued in October of 2006.

Thoughts on the tracklist

The album opens up with the very urgent drum beat of “The Space Between.” The song is a rousing ode to long distance relationships/love, featuring lyrics like “Can you remember sitting by my side/On the bank of the Delaware River and talking about life.”

My personal favorite Valencia song from this album and overall, is definitely, “Tenth Street”. Valencia’s ode to Philadelphia… or at least returning home to Philadelphia.

“The Closest I Am To Living Life On The Edge”… starts off slow and builds into this speedy and loud song. With the lyrics: “The closest that I am to living life on the edge/Is packing all my bags, and heading off with my best friends” it’s symbolic of wanting to get up and go… to start a new life somewhere else.

“Away We Go”, the final song of the album is a fitting end. It is a seemingly “angry but not too overwhelming” song… almost like an “I told you so” type with lyrics like: “I’m sorry won’t cut it for the rest of your life/ get over yourself and say goodbye/ I hope you realize you threw away the best thing that ever happened to you.” The drums and crunchy guitar riffs fit the lyrics perfectly.

Thoughts on the album

It’s every easy to dismiss Valencia as just another pop-punk, pop-rock, or emo band. But This Could Be A Possibility is a slick and well-crafted debut. The album is full of soaring choruses, crunchy guitar riffs which harmonize when needed, as well as filled with poppy hooks. Their earnest, fresh-faced songs span topics about love, life, and growing up are easily identifiable to any starry-eyed, heartbroken, or uncertain teen, yet they won’t alienate older, jaded listeners.

Each song is catchy, melodic, and energetic… but what separates This Could Be A Possibility, is the lead singer, Shane Henderson. Henderson croons with a sense of urgent smoothness that sets him (and this album) apart from the whiny vocals of many of his peers. Being completely honest, this album is not a vast departure from the popular scene… but in reality not all albums need to be.


This Could Be a Possibility is a solid, unpretentious offering to enjoy without shame. At roughly 33 minutes long, it could be the most fun you’ve ever listen to from a local band.


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