Artist of the Day: Tommy Conwell

Conwell (center) on guitar.

Day 7, is loud and local. Correction… make that very loud and local. Today’s artist of the day is none other than hometown blues/hard rocker and Philadelphia native, Tony Conwell. He is of course, best known for his work with Tommy Conwell & the Young Rumblers. With the Young Rumblers, Conwell put out 3 albums: Walking On The Water (1986, Antenna Records), Rumble (1988, Columbia Records), Guitar Trouble (1990, Columbia Records). Conwell has been a Philadelphia music institution since 1984.

Conwell, is a talented musician, songwriter, and vocalist. With the Young Rumblers, the band saw a decent amount of mainstream success, cracking Billboard’s Hot 100 tracks in 1988 with two singles. They had four singles reach the top 25 in the Mainstream Rock Tracks in 1988 and 1990 respectively.

From personal experience, Conwell puts on a very good show live. It’s a high-energy, raise your lighter type performance. I always recommend that you see him live.

After the Young Rumblers, in 1997, Conwell started a rockabilly outfit called Tommy Conwell and The Little Kings. They released two albums: Sho’ Gone Crazy! and Hi Ho Silver!

Before finishing up… go here for more information on Conwell.

That said, I know Tommy Conwell personally. One, he lives in my town a few blocks away from my house, in Oreland PA. Two, he used to be my teacher at Enfield Elementary School and Springfield Township Middle School in Oreland PA. And three: he used to be a radio DJ on the defunct rock and roll station, now turned sports talk radio, 94.1 WYSP in Philadelphia. He used to be the host of radio show called “loud and local”, highlighting local Philadelphia area bands. The show ran on scheduled weekdays from 11am to 3 pm, and weekends from 10pm to 11pm on the now defunct 94.1 WYSP.

Seriously if you need more info on Tommy Conwell, the Young Rumblers, or anything relating to Conwell’s music, go here.


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