Artist of the Day: Johnossi

The duo of Johnossi: John Engelbert and Oskar “Ossi” Bonde

Day 3’s artist of the day comes all the way from Stockholm Sweden, it’s the rock duo of Johnossi. Johnossi is the brainchild of guitarist/vocalist/songwriter John Engelbert and Oskar “Ossi” Bonde, hence JOHN-OSSI. Their sound can be characterized with Engelbert’s full guitar sound which is created and supported by his myriad of effects pedals and the unorthodox set up which is complimented by Bonde’s straightforward driving beats. Interesting side note: Bonde has been quoted as saying that he modeled his style of drumming after Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Dave Grohl formerly of Nirvana, currently of the Foo Fighters.

There many different musical styles that appear in their music ranging from hard rock, to bluesy riffs, to post-punk, and even “gloom pop”. The musical styles are accented by the lyrics, which are very personal and angsty.

Their first album was released in September of 2006. Their first album featured the song “The Execution Song” which was featured in EA Sports’ NHL09. Their second album All They Ever Wanted was released in 2008, followed by Mavericks in 2010.

While not on the same level as some other rock-duos, they are stylistically in the same ballpark as other duos such as the Black Keys, the White Stripes, and Mr. Airplane Man.


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