Artist of the Day: The High Speed Scene

Today’s “Artist of the Day” is unknown, unless you played EASports’ MVP Baseball 2005 or 989 Studio’s MLB2006. Ladies and Gentleman, the High Speed Scene. The High Speed Scene is a three-piece power pop group from San Francisco California fronted by guitarist Max Hart. The band only put out one album, a self-titled one.

Their sound may not be revolutionary, but not all music has to be new, revolutionary, or even challenging? Their style of music is filled with in your face guitar and simple, uncomplicated lyrics laced with bits of sophomoric humor. The legacy left by this band may not be one of monetary or commercial success, despite being featured in EA Sports’ MVP Baseball 2005, is rather a legacy of a growing fan base, who are willing to fight tooth and nail to honor and spread the word. The band was signed to Interscope Records with the blessing from rap group, N.E.R.D.

The band was another one of those bands that just never caught on and seemed to fade into the opaque abyss along with other bands like them.

A picture of the High Speed Scene (from l to r): drummer Adam Aaronson; guitarist/vocalist Max Hart; bassist Domen Vajevec

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