Welcome to the Broad Street Playlist: my 40 in 40 musical Lent project! I got the idea from a friend of mine who started one of these as his project for Lent a few years ago. If you can’t tell, the name comes from the very city I live in. I got the idea for the name after listening to Temple’s all-men A Capella group, “The Broad Street Line”.

I will throw this out here now: this list will probably contain a lot of artists or bands that you may have never heard of before. That’s okay. New things can be scary at first, but then you find out you love them. And I am here to walk you through listening to new artists/bands listed on this blog over the next 40 days. If you are looking for specific genres of music I will be listing, I can’t give you that. One, because it’s a surprise. And three, does it really matter?

That said, music is a very… subjective topic. What people describe as “good” or “bad” music is completely subjective.  Everyone has their own personal likes and dislikes when it comes to music. That’s cool. I’m not doing this to force you to listen to these albums. Just like I’m not going to tell you, “U HAZ 2 LISTEN 2 DIS ALBUM!!!!1! IS BEST!!!!1!!!1 ALL UR MUSIKS R SUK!” Nope, I doing this to show you some albums that you may be missing out on and may want to check out.

So how will this blog work? I will post everyday for the next 40 days about 40 different albums. That said, I will also be posting a song of the day from that album that day in a separate post to highlight that one song. I will also be posting other things on certain days about the highlighted album’s band… for example top 5 songs from [insert band] on [insert day number x]. There will be an introduction to the band before I post the album, that way you get a sense of the band’s style and also get a sense of what to expect.

In conclusion: the next 40 days are going to introduce you to some bands/artists/songs/albums and music that you have probably never heard of and of course, some you probably have heard of before. So sit back relax and enjoy the journey.


ADHD version: more to come tomorrow, stick around.


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